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All classes can be accompanied by instruction in English if needed.

Currently, all Hatha Yoga classes and Meditation Times are online.


In these classes, we practice asanas (yoga postures) while being aware of how to use our bodies correctly.
Through the practice of Hatha Yoga, we will cultivate the skills to observe our own breathing and develop mental stability and body awareness.

With continued practice, you will feel changes in your mind and body.

The 30-minute class is recommended for those who want to incorporate a little bit of quality yoga practice into their lives.

Even though the class is short, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and vitality in your daily life.
The 60-minute class is recommended for those who want to have a more comprehensive yoga practice.

We will start with preparatory movements, then move on to standing, sitting, back-bending, and forward bending poses.


Mon   11:00am~11:30am (30min.) <from August>

Tue       6:25am ~ 6:55am (30min.) <from August>

Thu       6:25am ~ 6:55am (30min.) <from August>

Fri        6:30pm ~ 7:30pm (60min.)

Sat       9:00am ~10:00am (60min.)

Lesson Fee 


¥ 1000/   1 lesson    (Drop in)

¥ 8000/ 10 lessons  (Valid for 3 months / ¥800/lesson)



¥  1800/   1 lesson   (Drop in)

¥  8000/   5 lessons  (Valid for 2 months /¥1600/lesson)

¥15000/ 10 lessons  (Valid for 3 months /¥1500/lesson)

YOGA Props

    We may use chairs, walls and/or blankets, from home to practice with.

    The use of tools can help you understand how to use your body properly and get deeper into the poses.

  For those who will continue to practice for a long term, the purchase of yoga blocks and yoga belt is recommended.


Private Lessons

    Private lessons can be tailored to your needs, such as a painful knee, or a need to focus on your pelvic floor.

  Also, private lessons are a good option for those who want lessons at a time when group lessons are not available.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Lesson Fee       

¥ 5500~/ 45min.

¥ 7700~/ 70min.


What is meditation? How is it done?

If you are curious about meditation, please join us!


This is not a class per se, but an opportunity for us to sit and meditate together. 

If you are new to meditation, no worries.  I will share with you a simple and easy to understand practice that has kept me going after many failed attempts at meditation.


If you prefer not to be on camera, you can participate off-screen.

A meditation practice that anyone can do. Please feel free to join us!


Mon  7:15am~7:45am (30min.)

Fri        7:15am~7:45am (30min.)

Participation Fee      

¥1500 per month 


  • It's up to you how many times you participate each month.


    Regardless of the number of times you tparticipate,

    the fee for one month from the start date is the same.

  • Please make sure that you can sit on the floor or on a chair comfortably.

YOGA for Children, Teens & Young Adult

We offer on-site lessons for preschools, elementary schools, universities and vocational schools.

Programs for childcare support groups by local governments have also been well received.


Lesson Fee     

¥ 11000~/ 60min. + transportation fee


  • We will prepare an estimate based on the number of participants, lesson time, and your budget.

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